Jason Kenny – King of the Track

It was a wonderful Olympic games for the British Indoor Cycling team as every member won at least one medal. The team was spear headed by Jason Kenny who followed up his success in London 2012 with three Gold’s in the Indivual Sprint, Team Sprint and Keirin. He is now level with Sir Chris Hoy in terms of Olympic Gold medals won.

The final of the kierin which took place last night was a fascinating but nerve racking race. With the race set over 7 laps and the derny leaving the track after 4 laps, it is then a sprint over the last 3 laps to the finish.  Over taking the derny before it leaves the track can result in a disqualification and that almost happened last night. The race had to be restarted twice as it appeared that on the first race Jason Kenny had appeared to overtake the derny and in the second race, the German Joachim Eilers appeared to do the same thing. However, all riders were allowed to restart to race as technology proved it was too difficult to decide who should be disqualified as they were dealing with fine margins.

When the third race got under way, Jason Kenny played it smart and when others appeared to sprint ahead, Jason Kenny kept his head and had enough in the tank to make his move on the last lap to win the race and earn his third gold medal of the games.




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