English Footballers Suffering? 

Every transfer window seems to produce the same pattern but I believe that the current transfer window has caused English football to suffer the most. The amount of money spent by clubs in the Premier League is rapidly growing each year with rich owners hungry for trophies and domination and so injecting billions of cash to enable success. 
Premier League clubs are buying players from abroad meaning that our our English players are dropping down the pecking order when it comes to selection. A good example of this is Joe Hart with Manchester City. He has gone from being number one choice last season and probably one of the first names on the team sheet to third choice leaving him no other option but to find another club in order to get gain match time so that he can be picked to represent his country. Another sample is Jack Wilshire with Arsenal and also Marcus Rashford with Manchester United although Rashford has chosen to stay at United and fight for his place. 

European teams are becoming stronger and stronger and over the past few years and English teams have struggled in Europe as a result of this. They need to spend big to attract the best players in order to be successful. This then leaves English teams being full of overseas players and therefore making our National Team suffer. The likes of Spain have nearly all their squad play in their national league in the top division and are regulars for the respective teams. This is completely opposite to the English Team as some of our English players are having their positions being taken over by overseas players in their domestic teams. 
I have heard a few people suggest that maybe the FA should bring in a rule where all teams must field a certain amount of English players in their starting 11 say for example three or four. This would then guarantee at least a handful of our players gaining experience and valuable game time which would help English football improve rather than being taken over by overseas players. We then might have a decent run in a Wold Cup or European Competition if our players were playing regular football. 


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